IPitup coach or IPitup ambassador training course

  • Free half-day online training (theoretical and practical part), every month.
  • Get acquainted with the whole spectrum of principles and theories on which the IPitup activity project is based.
  • Learn to successfully start up and follow up introductory classes, group lessons, boot camps and activities.

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More info about this service:

  • Make the most of the activity bench and app and find out how to get the people around you to IPitup.
  • An IPitup coach guides, coaches, motivates and empowers on an individual and group level by creating a can-do environment, with attention for correct movement and a positive experience.
  • You want to get people moving, but don't have a sports or training degree or you’re not a physiotherapist? Then you can become an IPitup ambassador! We will fully immerse you in our activity project and teach you various techniques to get your family, friends, colleagues and neighbours to IPitup.
  • Register in advance via info@ipitup.be. . Limited number of places per training course.
  • Upon completion, you will receive a digital syllabus and the IPitup coach or IPitup ambassador certificate.

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IPitup coach or IPitup ambassador training course

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