Sport Vlaanderen rental service

  • Test a mobile activity bench for a period of one month.
  • Including complementary motivation program with workshop and training course.
  • Transport to and from included.

PRICE €650 excl. VAT

More info about this service:

  • The workshop takes place a few weeks prior to the rental at the borrower's premises. During this moment of inspiration you will discover how you can reach and motivate your intended target groups with minimal effort. Examples will be shown of how you can respond to your local needs and challenges. Together we will work on a plan of approach for your rental, based on good practices. You will also receive a practical handout.
  • The IPitup coach and IPitup ambassador training course is held every month at a Sport Vlaanderen centre in your area. Decide which people you will allow to participate. Click here for info and dates.
  • A rental lasts from the beginning to the end of a calendar month.
  • Transportation always takes place on the first or second working day of each new month. The bench may be moved during the rental period by mutual agreement.
  • The invoice cost will be deducted if a purchase is made within 12 months from the loan.

Sport Vlaanderen rental service

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